Thursday, April 28, 2005

Power plant springs a leak...

I was busy working away on my computer tonight when I suddenly became aware of a funny blue flickering light. It was glowing from behind my curtains...

After I couple of minutes, curiosity got the better of me. So, I went and took a look out on my balcony. What I discovered was that the power plant on the other side of the road had sprung itself a bit of a high-voltage leak!! There were arcs and sparks of electricity showering all over the neighbourhood.

I managed to take this photo as the scene began to unfold, but before it got to difficult to stare at it anymore! The scene also got swamped pretty quickly with fire engines, police cars and ambulances.

All has gone dark now across the road. I think they have shut down production for the night. :-)

sparking volts of elecricity...

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Tornado season

I lived through my first tornado-warning-evacuate-to-the-basement experience on Friday! The storm initially began around 6am. I was lying in bed, my alarm had gone off (but I hadn't quite got to the point of moving!) and next thing there was this sound like a thousand sheets of glass smashing. "Holy #@^&*, what the hell was that??" I was just about to get up and look out the window when the next bolt of lightening struck. Oh. So that noise was thunder.

The next hour and a half went by like a regular old thunderstorm ... lots of flashes, bangs and hail. My day carried on as usual and the weather cleared up a bit.

Fast-forward to about 7 o'clock that night. I was munching away at a Law Faculty dinner with about forty other classmates, when the next "thunderstorm" began. No worries! I'm used to these. Afterall, I lived through my fair share of them in Sydney!

Five minutes later the alarms went off. Messages start booming through the intercom: "Get away from the windows immediately, and head downstairs". I start rolling my eyes with the thought "Geez, Americans really do exaggerate things a little, don't they? It's just a regular little thunderstorm for goodness sake!" Everyone WAS taking it very seriously though, and I followed the crowd downstairs.

I was still joking around and having them on about their "storm" when someone said to me: "I'm from Oklahoma, the home of tornados, and I grew up knowing that when the sky turns green, that means TORNADO." Ummmm, okay. Well, the sky was a little green. Oops...

That's when I got worried. Suddenly I didn't like this storm very much at all!! I spent the next hour and a half worrying myself sick down in the basement, hahaha! Bloody tornadoes....

Anyway, fortunately the funnels missed us. Yay. I don't know where they went to be honest, but I don't care! Just as long as it’s not here....

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Prison and the heat

Okay, well the trip to the prison was rather depressing. I don't know what else to say other than I reckon every single teenager should be subjected to a compulsory prison visit!! Not that I ever planned on commiting a crime, but after seeing how horribly brain-numbing life in that place is, I say: "no thanks very much"!!

Anyway, I think I missed Cincinnati's spring while I was in New York. When I left it was still the snowy season, but ever since I got back it has consistently been 23+ degrees every day! It's getting very humid too, so I now lie with my balcony door open at night in order to be cool enough to sleep.

Hell, summer came around quickly...!