Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Katrina ... Ophelia ... now Rita...?

Ok, so three hurricanes in three weeks is just a bit much for any country, don't you think? Ophelia passed through Florida last week (thank goodness it wasn't as strong as Katrina was) but Rita? Unfortunately Rita is another Katrina-like "level 5" hurricane. What's worse, is that it is heading straight for Louisiana again!!!

The state of Texas is also in its path - another rather vulnerable part of the country. Mandatory evacuations are currently in force (surprise ... surprise!) and this time, everyone is following it! (I reckon I would too, hahaha!) The potential is not looking very pretty. :-(

Anyway, on a slightly brighter note, I'm off to Chicago tomorrow! It is my birthday this Friday and I am spending the weekend up north with a group of my Cincinnati friends. We are going to be staying right in the heart of downtown (known as the "Magnificent Mile") and I can't wait!!!! I will probably regret having taken the three days off from studies when next week rolls around and I am hideously behind in all my classes ... but sometimes I just think, "You only live once!" and I certainly don't want to spend my entire birthday with my head in Law text books. (Hell no, hahaha! :-)

So, Chicago, here I come!


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