Tuesday, October 11, 2005


..... Is it just me, or does anyone else also not have the slightest clue what Happy Sweetest Day is???? Huh?

A trip to the local bookstore this afternoon revealed a massive card display that looked awfully, strangely and suspiciously like Valentine's Day. My brain tricked me for a second and had me thinking we were actually still in February, hahaha! But I took a closer look and discovered that there really is such a thing as ... Sweetest Day.

I was confused. So ... a little extra-curricula research turned up the following:

"Sweetest Day is always celebrated on the third Saturday in October. In 2005, Sweetest Day is Saturday, Oct. 15.

Sweetest Day, which began as a day to do good deeds for the underprivileged and forgotten, is now an occasion to remember loved ones and friends who enrich our lives with their love and thoughtfulness. Love and friendship are popular themes on Sweetest Day cards, often with expressions of appreciation. Sweetest Day has become very much a romantic day in most locations.

Observance of Sweetest Day is prevalent in the Great Lakes region – where the holiday originated – which includes such states as Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio (Ah-ha! Ohio! :-) and Wisconsin. As people have moved from these areas to other parts of the country, the custom of celebrating Sweetest Day has expanded across the nation from Maine to Florida to California.

Greeting cards, tokens of affection and appreciation, gifts, and spending time together are ways that people celebrate Sweetest Day."

I don't know about you, but doesn't this just sound like a fine excuse for squeezing in another Valentine's Day before next February? Just a thought ...


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