Monday, October 03, 2005

The rest of the weekend...

Ok, so ... Chicago. :-) I had a great weekend there. It involved a lot of walking up and down the "Magnificent Mile" (read: a street with lots of shops, art galleries, clubs, bars and restaurants). I also managed to restrict myself to one, itty, bitty, $20 purchase. :-D What iron strength I have, hahaha! (I could hear my bank account cheering all the way from Cincinnati. :-)

We also had a couple of extremely yummy dinners ... one at The Cheesecake Factory (the taste of which has to be experienced to be believed) and one at this cute wee Italian Restaurant complete with 90 year old Italian musicians serenading their customers. Unfortunately, somebody at our table mentioned it was my birthday. Some serious birthday serenading ensued then for, like, the next 10 minutes! Aaargh.

After that, we spent many hours chilling out at the bar in the Sears Tower where the photos were taken. Lots of other places were visited that night too, but after 1am it all became a bit of a blur...

On the sunday morning I accidentally stumbled across a Violin Shop! I was so excited that I managed to convince everyone else in the group to trot inside with me and sneak a look at them all! :-) Fortunately, a massive thunderstorm rolled in around that time, so it was a fine excuse to stay put for the next hour(!) and play a variety of very expensive Polish and Cambodian violins, hehehehe!

By midday on Sunday we were ready to leave, so began the drive back to Cincinnati. What should have taken us no more than 5 hours became a 10 hour marathon effort when the person in charge of the map (not me I will add, but a US native!!) set us off on the wrong highway, then promptly nodded off to sleep. I also fell asleep ... and woke again just as the sign: "Welcome to Michigan!" floated by the car.


Clearly we were NOT meant to be in Michigan(!) but the 'upside' was that I got to add another State to my list of where-I've-been-in-the-USA, hahaha!

So ... by 10 o'clock that night, I had travelled through all of the following States in a day: Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, back through Indiana(!), Kentucky, and Ohio. Phew.


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