Tuesday, November 15, 2005

More weather talk...

Cincinnati has been having some wicked thunderstorms these last 24 hours. And right now there are tornadoes ripping through Indiana, located less than an hour away from here. Several houses have been destroyed and it is all a bit freaky.

What was extremely freaky was a particularly intense thunderstorm, in the middle of the night, that not only had the usual flash of lightening followed by a thunderous clap of ... well ... thunder - but - for a second or so BEFORE the whole lightening thing, the house actually SHOOK, silently, as a result of the electrical energy build up!!! That is how intense the thunderstorm was. More awesome than any I lived through in Sydney ... and I had thought they were pretty strong.

I guess this is why they are creating little tornadoes all over the place right now. They just said on the news: "We really think there might be some tornado activity in your area." (Don't you just love the way they stress certain words in order to scare the bejeezus out of you?? Hmmm.)

Oh yeah - and the first snow flurry of the season is forecast to arrive tomorrow. At the moment I am choosing NOT to believe it, but I don't think I can ignore the tornadoes quite so easily.

At least I coughed up the $15.00 for a flu jab last week. :-)

UPDATE: Oh, I just had to add this: guess what helpful piece of advice the friendly weatherman just instructed us all through the TV screen? "If you're not inside a sturdy building, go lay in a ditch." Seriously!!


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